Why am I getting an email already in use error?
Each Jar account is linked to it's storage account via an email address. Jar will create one storage account per email address, so if you're getting this error, it is because that email address is already taken in the system. Frequent causes of this are:

  • The email address has already been added as either a client or a team member in your account.
  • The email address you're trying to add belongs to a user who had been archived.  
  • The email address is in use under someone else's Jar account. 

To resolve this, you can add a different email address of the user you're trying to add to your account, unarchive the client if archived (feature coming soon), search for the user from the search bar to see if they're already in a different client list, or ask us to manually remove them from an account they may have created in error and re-add them to your account.

How much does Jar cost?
Jar has two available plans - a free plan and a paid plan. 

Free Plan:
With the free plan, you're limited to one user and 500 MB of storage. 

Pro Plan:
The Pro plan allows for additional team members, unlimited storage, and unlimited client users. The paid plan currently costs $25/user/month.

Is there any way to customize the request form clients see?
The request form is customizable. Simply head to Settings -> Request Form to edit the form through our drag and drop interface. You can add text fields, statements, dropdowns, paragraph fields, checkboxes, and file uploads.

What features are going to be added to Jar?
We keep a public roadmap available at http://designpickle.roadmap.space.

I have a question that I can't find an answer to here. What do I do?
The fastest way to receive a response though is to hit that green circle with the smiley face thingy over in the corner and leave us a message.  For other ways to get in touch with us, head to the contact page to find our full contact details.

Maybe we'll even add your question/answer to this page! :-)

My team member accidentally deleted their activation email. What should I do?

If you invite a team member and need to resend the invitation as a Jar user for any reason (for example, if they deleted their invitation by accident), you can  just re-enter their information in the "Invite Member" modal and invite them again. 

Archiving the user and setting them up as a new user with the same email will lock them out of their account, so just re-enter their information and hit that invite button again instead :-)

Help! I emailed my request in, but it isn't showing up! 

For requests that are sent in via email, the requests have to be sent from an email address that is registered in your client user list. At this time, only client users can email requests in to Jar (the technical reason being that every request has to be assigned to a client - and since your admin account is not the same as a client account, the request isn't attached to any client Jar recognizes so it won't appear on your requests page....if that makes any sense). 

If you'd like to set up Jar so you can email requests in to 'yourself', there is an easy workaround. Basically, you'll need to create a client user with an email address (that you own and is different from your main account) and send in requests from that address. 

Hope that helps! 😀

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