With Jar, you have the ability to customize the subdomain of your Jar URL. 

While the default URL is app.jarhq.com, you can now change that “app” part to whatever else you want.  So if your brand name is “Blue Tricycle” - your URL can be bluetricycle.jarhq.com. 

Why bother with a custom URL?

Two reasons:

  • Your login page will be able to display your own logo - rather than the Jar one
  • Your URL will better match your brand and your clients will feel more comfortable knowing that this is the URL where they’re supposed to be 

How do I get a custom subdomain?

If you’re an existing customer and want to take advantage of this new feature, head to settings   in Jar to change your site URL . 

Your subdomain can’t contain spaces, uppercase letters, or special characters. If someone is already using your chosen subdomain, you’ll be prompted to choose a different one.

Once you hit “Update Company”,  you’ll notice that your URL in your address bar is now updated to whatever you input into the Site URL text input. 

What happens once I have a custom subdomain?

Once you have a custom URL chosen, you’ll be able to send your users to yourcustomurl.jarhq.com/login to login. 

Users will always be able to login to your workspace via app.jarhq.com/login. If you have a vanity URL chosen, upon login, they’ll be redirected to your vanity url. 

Please note that if you’re an existing customer and you do choose a new  vanity URL, you will not be able to switch your site URL back to “app”.  Once you pick a custom subdomain, you’ll be able to modify it as needed, but just not back to app.jarhq.com. 

New customers will be able to choose a custom subdomain upon signup. 

Can I edit my subdomain?

Sure! But we don’t recommend it if you can help it. 

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