Welcome to Jar!

You'll be hearing a bunch from us during your first 5 days in the Jar. Here's a little bit more about Jar....in case you wanted to know :-)

The Jar Team

Russ - He's our founder. If you ever need any help or advice on improving your client experience, he's your man. 

Michelle - She's here to help you succeed with Jar. You'll be hearing from her a lot in the next few weeks!

Corinn - That's me! I'm the product manager. If there's anything you'd like to see in future releases of Jar or if you have any feedback (positive or negative - all feedback is good feedback), I'm your girl.

The WHY behind Jar

Before (and during) Jar, there was a company called Design Pickle that worked on hundreds of thousands of design requests. To deliver those requests, we would spend hours a day tracking down requests, attaching files, and sending status updates to clients. It was a lot of time that could have been used working on the business instead of in the business. 

That was a problem, so we built Jar to automate and organize these processes.  Business exploded. Having Jar was our secret sauce - but we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We knew we had something that could help out a lot of businesses like ours, so Jar was released to the world.

Whether you are a marketing consultant , an in-house creative team, or the hottest agency around, Jar is built for you. Jar will create an experience for your clients that matches your brand. With client dashboards, email integration, and native file management, clients will receive a smart and seamless  experience every time they interact with you.

Handy Resources For Creatives

Our goal at Jar is to help you run more profitable businesses, with happier clients. You can learn more about how to do that right here in our knowledge base. 

Our Blog and Resources sections of our website also spout out some serious info and help on a weekly basis. 

Jar on the Socialz

If you're into the whole social media thing, we post a lot of helpful content plus product updates. Give us a follow! We'd really appreciate it. 


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