Team work makes the dream work. Here's how to get the most out of team members in Jar.

Who are team members?

Team members may be your design staff, freelancers, managers, account execs, or anyone else who needs to see what is being worked on and/or what they need to work on.

Team members can also submit new work on behalf of clients and be assigned to requests.


Team members can have different permissions within Jar ranging from a full-admin user to a restricted user who can only see their and their group's requests. 

  • Admin: An admin has full access to your Jar account and can add, edit, and delete information regarding clients, users, billing, and requests.  Admins can also change company settings and customize the way Jar looks.
  • Manager: A manager add, edit, and delete clients, and can access requests.  
  • Full User: A full user can access all requests. 
  • Adding Team Members

Adding Team Members

Adding team members is only a three click process! Here's how to do it. 

1.) In the menu, click on "Team". 

2.) Click "Invite Member"

3.) A pop-up box will appear. Enter their information (First name, last name, email, phone)

4.) Select their permission level. 

5.) Click "Invite Member"

An email asking them to confirm their email address will be sent immediately to the new user. Once they confirm their email address and select a password, they will have access to Jar. 

If you're out of seats, head to the subscription page to add a new slot. 

Assigning Team Members to Requests

Assigning team members to requests is simple. Simply head to the details page of the request you want to assign. In the right side column, select the team member you would like from the "designer" dropdown and click "update". 

If they have notifications turned on, they will be notified via email that a request has now been assigned to them.

Removing Team Members

If you're an admin, team members can easily be removed by navigating to their profile, clicking "edit", then selecting "archive user". Once removed, a slot will open up on your team. 

You can either fill this slot in with another team member, or go to 'subscriptions' to remove the team member slot from your account.

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