Clients In Jar

Clients in Jar follow a simple, two-tiered hierarchy of client groups and individuals client users: 

  • Clients (Companies, groups, departments, etc.)
  • Client Users (Individuals within those companies, groups, departments, etc.)

For example, if your agency does marketing work for a local home builder, the name of the builder would be the client (for example, ABC home builders), while Jim - the Director of Operations - would be the individual client user. 

Client users like Jim are the individuals who request work from your team.

How Clients are Different From Team Members

There are two primary types of users in Jar - clients & team members. 

  • Clients: Client users are the ones who make requests. When clients login to Jar, they'll see a dashboard showing the status of all of their current and previous requests.
  • Team Members: Team members are the ones who manage and/or do the work for requests.  When team members login to Jar, they'll see all of the requests their team is working on (or only the requests they're assigned to - if they're a restricted user). 

Client Limits

Jar PRO has no limit to the amount of clients you can add to your account (remember, you only pay per team member in Jar - not client!). Go crazy and add as many of them as you have or need!

Adding Clients and Client Users

Adding clients is super simple in Jar. If it is your first time adding a client user, we recommend seeing how things for work for yourself by adding yourself as a client user. Just use a different email address than your email address associated with your Jar admin/team member account! This way you can see exactly how your client users will see Jar when they begin submitting work through it.

To add a client:

1.) In the menu, click on "Clients"

2.) Click "Add Client"

3.) A pop-up box will appear asking for your client's information. Add their company name in the "Client name" field, and enter a description in the "Description" field if desired. 

4.) Click "Create client"

5.) Click on the name of your newly created client. Here you will be able to invite individual users from the client's company you just added.  

6.) Click "Invite New Client User"

7.) A pop-up box will appear asking for additional details. Enter their information (First name, last name, email, phone)

8.) Click "Invite Client User"

An email asking them to confirm their email address will be sent immediately to your client. Once they confirm their email address and select a password, they will have access to Jar and be able to submit new requests through the app. Also, once they have made a request they will be able to see their submitted requests in the app. 

It is as simple as that! If you run into any questions or problems, just hit that icon in the lower right corner over there ------>

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